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Amanda Marbais, Claiming a Body (2019)

Moon City Review 2019

Jane Hoogestraat, Here on This Plain (2018)

Clayton Adam Clark, A Finitude of Skin (2018)

Kim Magowan, Undoing (2018)

Moon City Review 2018

Walter Bargen, Too Quick for the Living (2017)

Kerri French, Every Room in the Body (2017)

Michelle Ross, There’s So Much They Haven’t Told You (2017)


Moon City Review 2017

Mary Troy, Swimming on Hwy N (2016)


Jeannine Hall Gailey, Field Guide to the End of the World (2016)


Laura Hendrix Ezell, A Record of Our Debts (2016)


Moon City Review 2016

MCR16 front cover

Sarah Freligh, Sad Math (2015)


Cate McGowan, True Places Never Are (2015)


Steve Yates, The Teeth of the Souls (2015)


Moon City Review 2015

Trudy Lewis, The Empire Rolls (2014)


Debra Kang Dean, Fugitive Blues (2014)

Moon City Review 2014

Moon City Review 2013

Travis Mossotti, My Life as an Island (2012)

Gerald Duff, Blue Sabine (2011)

Burton Raffel, Yankee Doric (2010)

Steve Yates, Morkan’s Quarry (2010)